Bustling TOKYO

Train delays are measured in seconds in Tokyo, the intricate rail network really is what keeps this town pumping. Each station is a city in miniature: Shibuya bursts with advertisements and commuters. Shinjuku dazzles with experimental couture. And Mitaka is a tiny haven in the shadow of skyscrapers. Overall sensory overload is a real and glorious possibility. Check out the different neighborhoods, notice their distinct flavors. You will see vibrantly dressed youths ramble past throngs of black-suited office workers. Lovingly tamed trees shade hyper-modern streetscapes. And neon-infused pachinko parlours contrast with ancient Buddhist temples. Each part of the city has a life of its own: Search out the Buddhist temples and colorful festivals in Asakusa, and try out some of the lavish shopping options in Odaiba. The historic is prized here – but the new is king. You will never see it all, but you will see more than you could imagine!

Weather (average)

Temperature - 37-52 °F

Dry days - 18

Rainfall - 61 mm

Snow Days - 2


Population - 13.1 M

Local time - JST

Currency - Yen

Popular flights

United Airlines

Air China

Japan Airlines

Tokyo’s hustle bustle mesmerizes for sure but, people also visit other places like- Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto.