Sophisticated STOCKHOLM

A web of interweaving islands of cool and collected Nordic allure, Stockholm is a sophisticated combo of sleek design, cultural keenness and festive folk tradition. If a summer stroll along the waterside on Strandvägen makes you crave the ocean blue, pluck up the courage to take a dive off Långholmen pontoon – or try kayaking into the staggering archipelago for an exclusive view of the city. On shore, you can take in the terracotta tones of medieval Gamla Stan and go local with a Skåning – herring sandwich! –in the buzzing streets of bohemian chic Södermalm. All year round you can enjoy dainty Djugården, where you can traipse around a miniature Sweden in the open-air Skansen museum, visit the imposing Vasa ship and end the afternoon with a fika – a coffee break – in the Rosendal’s garden café.

Weather (average)

Temperature - 23-36 °F

Dry days - 22

Rainfall - 22 mm

Snow Days - 12


Population - 881K

Local time - CET

Currency - SEK

Popular flights

United Airlines



People visiting Stockholm also do visit Visby, Kiruna and Tallinn.