Humble ROME

Meeting the Italians can be rather overwhelming. In Rome, reason and order are challenged all the way by passion and 'gioia di vivere' – the joy of living. Let down your guards and simply surrender for a while. Rome is overwhelmingly beautiful. This is true whether you visit the many famous piazzas or you gravitate towards the more obscure corners of town. Rome is virtually one big jewelry chest of drastic contrasts: Antique and modern. Relaxed and passionate. Worldly and religious. Rome’s sheer beauty lies in the paradoxical mix of extremes that flow together to create an intriguing beauty. The Romans are known as passionate, generous and disorganized hedonists with an extremely flexible attitude to the concept of time. Bring a pocket-sized book so you are prepared to wait, relax and go with the flow.

Weather (average)

Temperature - 37-57 °F

Dry days - 24

Rainfall - 20 mm


Population - 2.7 M

Local time - CET

Currency - Euro

Popular flights

Turkish Airlines


British Airways

One who visits Rome, also can’t go without traveling to places like Florence, Palermo and Catania.