Old time charm PRAGUE

Red tile rooftops, cobbled streets, old trams, and an impressive number of old churches, mansions and majestic palaces – the Czech capital wears history on its sleeve. Tales of the history lurk around every corner: this is where Kafka drank his coffee, where Tycho Brahe performed his astronomical studies and the chain-smoking Václav Havel spoke against the Communists. Though the Czechs can be quite nostalgic, you will hardly meet anyone missing the days before the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Enjoy a relaxed stroll down the little winding side streets to the sound of jazz played by street musicians, and check out the local markets on the squares. Cross the famous Charles Bridge, enjoy a picturesque sail down the Moldau River – and wind-up the day in one of the cozy pubs to discover why Czech beer is so famous.

Weather (average)

Temperature - 27-39 °F

Dry days - 12

Rainfall - 20 mm

Snow Days - 11


Population - 1.2 M

Local time - CET

Currency - Czech Crown

Popular flights


Air France

British Airways

Prague being a beautiful place to visit, along with it travelers also visit Salzburg, Krakow and Stuttgart.