Vintage HAVANA

Vintage American cars, decaying colonial mansions and revolutionary murals – the visual motifs of Havana are etched into our collective consciousness. They are also testament to the city’s dramatic history. But only by visiting this mythical city can you sense the warmth and determination of its people, hear the lilting melodies of traditional son music drifting through the evening air, and feel the sensual energy of its dancehalls and the lost-in-time ambiance of its crumbling streets and squares. You must go before Fidel does,’ adventurers whisper about visiting Havana. As the father of the Cuba Libre cocktail steps into the wings, the country is opening up more to the commercial world around it. How much it will change is anyone’s guess, but for the meantime the romance, passion and allure of Old Havana endures.

Weather (average)

Temperature - 63-81 °F

Dry days - 25

Rainfall - 24 mm


Population - 2.1 M

Local time - UTC

Currency - Cuban Peso

Popular flights

United Airlines



Travelers to Havana also make sure to get awed by visiting Santa Clara and Cayo Coco.