Romantic France

FRANCE is the world’s top tourist destination with about 83 million foreign tourists. Thus, it’s a global leader when it comes to dynamic tourism. It is extremely rich when it comes to culture and landscapes. From surreal villages to churches, museums to Eiffel Tower, FRANCE is a feast to eyes. When you think of France, Paris is an instantaneous visual image. And rightfully so! Paris…the most visited city in the world. Gustave’s Eiffel, Louvre, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Basilica at Montmarte-Sacre Coeur and Centre Georges Prompidou definitely needs a visit.Shaped like a hexagon, France is endowed with a huge coastline running along 3 of its sides.Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southeastern France is a magnet to tourists. The region boasts of many beautiful villages perched along the Luberon range. Protected on all sides, the beauty of all these villages seems frozen in time.

Weather (average)

Temperature - 36-48 °F

Dry days - 10

Rainfall - 40 mm

Snow Days - 4


Population - 66 M

Local time - CET

Currency - Euro

Popular flights

United Airlines

Air France

British Airways

People visiting France also make sure to travel to Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Grenoble.