Awesome DUBAI

Skiers, wrapped up warm against the freezing conditions, sail overhead on chairlifts, while outside the temperature-controlled Emirates Mall, a burning sun beats down from a cloudless blue sky. Its rays bouncing blindingly between mirrored skyscrapers. Dubai is surreal in the extreme. From the airplane window, your first glimpse of this Arab city appears like a mirage: a haze of gleaming towers rising from the middle of the desert. The world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, dwarfs them all, a needle reaching into the stratosphere. Dubai is the place to live out your wildest James Bond fantasies: sleep beneath the waves at an underwater hotel, and sip a margarita at the bar of the Burj Al Arab – the 7-star, sail-shaped hotel, while taking in the view of a glittering skyline that radiates glamour and mystery. Dubai is full of temptations impossible to resist.

Weather (average)

Temperature - 61-77 °F

Dry days - 24

Rainfall - 3 mm


Population - 2.1 M

Local time - UAE Time

Currency - Dirham

Popular flights


United Airlines

Qatar Airways

People visiting Dubai also, often travel to Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Kuwait.