The city of the future may be less about towering skyscrapers and more like pleasant, low-rise Copenhagen, with its pretty green parks and residents who commute by bike, their small children strapped into safety seats on the back. Start your day in Copenhagen with a flat boat tour along the waterfront for a view of the city’s stunning new architecture, creatively re-purposed 17th-century buildings and quaint old houses, shoulder to shoulder, next to the canals in the charming borough of Christianshavn. Venture into the historical heart of Copenhagen – keep to the narrow side-streets with cobbled roads, cozy cafés and niche designer stores. Round up your day in the free city of Christiania for a slow and unperturbed stroll among colorful self-made houses, charming pathways and lush greenery. End your walk with a cold beer on the lakeside – and your day is complete and memorable!

Weather (average)

Temperature - 32-39 °F

Dry days - 22

Rainfall - 40 mm

Snow Days - 9


Population - 570 K

Local time - CET

Currency - DKK

Popular flights



British Airways

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